Budget 2020: the government shows its efforts in favor of ecology

The finance bill provides for an increase of 500 million euros in the credits allocated to the French transport infrastructure financing agency. But the abandonment of the carbon tax reduces the means available for investments in ecological transition.

Emmanuel Macron at the “One Planet Summit” this year in Nairobi.

The world summits for the climate, the marches organized in the big metropolises, the repeated episodes of heat wave and the good score of the list of Europe Ecology-The Greens convinced the government to “green” its draft budget for 2020. of the presentation of the Finance bill, this Friday, Bercy published a “booklet of ecological transition”, which lists all the measures in favor of the environment contained in this text. An unprecedented exercise.

Increase in credits allocated to transport infrastructure

Some measures are not just a political marketing operation. Thus, the appropriations for the “ecology, sustainable development and mobility” mission will climb next year by 800 million euros compared to this year. One of the most important measures is the means made available to the French Transport Infrastructure Financing Agency (AFITF). They will be raised to 3 billion euros next year, an increase of 500 million euros.

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This increase is partly financed by the exceptional allocation of revenue from the internal consumption tax on energy products (TICPE). With the introduction of the solidarity tax on plane tickets, airlines will also participate to the tune of 230 million euros in 2020.

Change for the automobile

The government has changed the eligibility criteria for the automobile conversion bonus by excluding the most polluting and expensive vehicles from this system. Among the diesels, only vehicles registered after September 1, 2019 are eligible. Households are therefore losing, but the State will spend less and the fight against global warming will come out on top.

At the same time, the automobile bonus will be increased for households and businesses to 6,000 euros for the purchase of an electric vehicle in 2020, or 131 million euros planned in all. And the penalty applied to polluting vehicles will pay even more.

Then, around 6.3 billion euros will be devoted in 2020 to the support and development of renewable energies. Finally, a French Biodiversity Office will be created and will be endowed with budget resources of 41 million euros.

Fifty Shades of Green

But all is not so green. The government has planned to cut 797 posts at the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition. Above all, 25 billion euros of budgetary expenditure were rated “unfavorable” on the environmental level by the General Inspectorate of Finance in a report released this week. More than half of this amount concerns tax loopholes, tax exemptions or reduced rates on diesel which benefit certain professions and sectors, and which will only be reduced very partially next year (reduced advantage for diesel for truck drivers). and construction).

Without forgetting, above all, the confirmed abandonment of the carbon tax, which was to change the behavior of economic players and finance new “green” actions. There is still a long way to go towards the goal of zero carbon emissions in 2050.

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