Hillary Clinton, victim of pneumonia, cancels trip to Cafilornia

Democratic White House candidate Hillary Clinton, soon to be 69, is under pressure to explain her health after the discomfort that forced her team to reveal that she was suffering from pneumonia, after two days of secrecy.

Race to the White House: Hillary Clinton suffers from pneumonia

Hillary Clinton, sick with pneumonia, canceled Monday a trip to California, raising questions about her health eight weeks before the US presidential election. At almost 69 years old, the Democratic candidate is under pressure to explain herself, in particular on the fact that her team waited two days before revealing, following a malaise, that she had pneumonia.

The consequences of his illness on the rest of the electoral campaign are still difficult to assess. This respiratory condition is caused by bacteria, viruses and more rarely by fungi that attack the lungs. It can be difficult to fight it for those over 65. According to two American media, CNN and Bloomberg, his Republican rival Donald Trump has decided not to comment publicly on the failing health of Hillary Clinton. Himself reluctant to reveal precise information about his health, he might prefer to exploit a slippage of the candidate during a speech.

At the end of the week, Hillary Clinton called the Republican voters a “pitiful basket”, “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic”. She then apologized, but without silencing the fury of the Republicans. Sunday morning, she had hurriedly left a tribute ceremony for the victims of 9/11 in New York due to dehydration and heat stroke, according to her doctor.

A witness filmed her, from behind, losing her balance and unable to board her vehicle without the help of two bodyguards, a video catastrophic for her image. A few hours later, she appeared all smiles, but with dark glasses, standing and making sure she was feeling good. After hours of silence, her team released a statement from Hillary Clinton’s personal physician, Lisa Bardack, stating that she was rehydrated, but the candidate was being treated with antibiotics for pneumonia. The date of this diagnosis: Friday, two days earlier.

Concussion in 2012

Donald Trump, 70, accuses his rival of lacking energy and needing to constantly rest. Some Republicans imply that she is ill. Rumors started by the frequent coughing fits of the candidate, put on the account of allergies. So far, Hillary Clinton has nonetheless been shown to be more transparent than her opponent when it comes to health.

In July 2015, she published a two-page letter from her doctor. It describes its medications, including blood thinners and antihistamines for seasonal allergies. She also suffers from hypothyroidism. The former foreign minister suffered thromboses in 1998 and 2009 as well as a concussion followed by a clot to the head in 2012, after a fall caused by dehydration. She saw double for two months, according to her doctor, and Bill Clinton said at the time that it took her six months to recover.

On the Trump side, doctor Harold Bornstein published a short, self-confessed, hasty letter in December 2015, with vague and emphatic wording about Mr. Trump’s “excellent” health. But on September 5, when asked about the publication of his complete medical file, Donald Trump said: “Now that you ask me, I will do it”.

Hillary Clinton advocates point out that on the day of her diagnosis she attended two fundraising receptions, a national security meeting and a press conference, and gave an interview. On Saturday, she attended a fundraising reception. Proof, according to them, that the sexagenarian is a force of nature.

“To continue despite the disease is what women do, stoically, every day,” defended on Twitter Jennifer Grandholm, former governor of Michigan and supporter of Hillary Clinton. Some recalled that President George HW Bush had collapsed while vomiting on the Japanese Prime Minister in 1992, struck down by gastroenteritis, and that in 2002, his son George W. Bush had briefly lost consciousness after being strangled with a pretzel.

But beyond the previous ones, the delay in communication on pneumonia illustrates above all a need for information on the subject. “Americans need a lot more medical information from these two candidates,” wrote Friday in the Washington Post David Scheiner, doctor who signed Barack Obama’s health bulletin in 2008. “At these ages, he can start to things happen to them ”.

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