Justice budget: prisons and juvenile justice take the lion’s share

The justice budget is up for the third consecutive year. It gives pride of place to the prison administration and the criminal justice system for minors.

The 2020 justice budget will amount to a total of 7.585 billion euros, an increase of 4% compared to 2019.

1,520 new jobs and a 4% increase in the total budget (+294 million euros): these are the key figures of the 2020 draft budget for justice, presented by the Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet, this Friday. The budget thus amounts to 7.585 billion euros (excluding pension). ” For the third year in a row, the justice budget is increasing sharply », Welcomes the Minister.

1,000 jobs for the prison administration

For once, the vast majority of jobs (1,000) will be dedicated to the prison administration for integration and probation services and the opening of establishments. The government still plans to build 15,000 new prison places by 2027. A 34% increase in appropriations (i.e. + € 327 million) will also be dedicated to this construction program and the renovation of existing penitentiaries.

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Prison security is not left out since 58 million more credits will be allocated to the renovation of video surveillance, the deployment of systems for jamming illicit communications and the fight against malicious drones.

+17 million for the reform of minors

An additional 17 million euros will be devoted to juvenile criminal justice, the reform of which by ordinance was presented to the Council of Ministers on September 11, for entry into force in October 2020. These 17 million euros will finance also the construction of 20 new closed educational centers to bring their number to 92.

« Significant resources are devoted to this reform in the 2020 budget: 70 jobs for magistrates and 70 jobs for clerks are created in the courts as well as 94 jobs for youth protection educators. », Specifies Nicole Belloubet. Not sure that these credits calm the criticisms coming from the magistrates’ unions and the representative bodies of the legal profession on this reform project.

An effort on digital and access to law

The other priority of the Minister of Justice concerns the digital transition of his ministry: digital investments will show credits up by 177 million euros. As for access to law, it will benefit from a growth of 17%, against 6.6% last year.

Finally, the creation, enacted on January 1, of the courts through the merger of the district and district courts is reflected in the budget by an increase of € 161 million in allocated credits. They will be accompanied by 384 jobs – against 192 in 2019 – supposed to relieve the registry services and increase the number of magistrates specializing in financial crime.

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