Paris Hospitals are mobilizing to maintain their activity outside Covid

The intensive care units are filling up with more serious cases than during the summer. The director general of the AP-HP, Martin Hirsch, asks caregivers to give up their leave and calls on patients not to deprogram their surgeries on their own.

At AP-HP, resuscitation rooms are seeing an influx of Covid patients.

It is not yet a disaster, but we are preparing to face it. The coronavirus has returned in force to the hospital in the Paris region for a few weeks. This Monday, while Paris and the inner suburbs switch to the maximum alert zone, 2,330 Covid patients were hospitalized in establishments in the region, including 415 in intensive care.

As there will be no rear base this time to bring in caregivers from other regions or to evacuate patients, the Public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP), which manages a third of the hospital capacity in the Ile-de-France region. , takes steps to face a new crisis.

On France Info, Monday morning, the director general of the AP-HP, Martin Hirsch, explained that he had asked the voluntary caregivers to give up their holidays of All Saints in order to face a new influx. “We will encourage all those who can to give up holidays”, did he declare. Childcare will be funded by the group, including at home, and caregivers will receive overtime and can buy back days. “I have absolute certainty that these overtime hours will be paid”, and assured Martin Hirsch.

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Update on the situation in France and around the world this Monday

Ile-de-France, in a maximum alert zone, has started to deprogram up to 20% of surgical interventions in order to free up space in the resuscitation and recovery rooms. This threshold is called upon to rise as needed, but hospitals and public authorities hope to limit it as much as possible. Indeed, the operating theaters are running at full speed to catch up with the deprogramming of the spring. Postponing certain interventions again becomes dangerous.

Plus d’intubations

“Sometimes we see that patients – out of fear and not to bother us – deprogram themselves. They don’t have to. It is the doctors who adjust ”, asked Martin Hirsch.

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Hospital staff have observed in recent days “Tremors, a less sharp slope, which shows that the efforts pay off”, he notes. This is not yet the effect of entering the enhanced alert zone last week, but rather a “Much stronger awareness” dangers.

However, the situation for patients in critical care has worsened compared to this summer, when there were very few patients, said Martin Hirsch: “We crossed the threshold where more than half of hospitalized patients (in intensive care) are ventilated, intubated”. In March, at the AP-HP, 8 out of 10 patients were equipped with mechanical ventilation at the height of the crisis, against 3 out of 10 patients in early September.

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