Partech closes its third seed fund at $ 100 million

The historical player in French venture capital will sell this new fund in young shoots responding to the uses of Generation Z, especially in health and finance.

Partech has notably invested in Kaizo, a start-up that works to improve customer support productivity using gamification and artificial intelligence.

Slow down because of the coronavirus crisis, European venture capital is not running dry. It has 20 billion euros to invest in start-ups, according to a study by And the seed stage, that is to say investing in very young companies, is no exception.

As proof, the announcement of Partech this Tuesday April 28. The historic French venture capitalist has completed its third seed fund to the tune of $ 100 million (€ 92.2 million). The latter is financed by large European groups such as SNCF or Henkel, by entrepreneurs, as well as by bpifrance and sovereign funds.

Partech’s strategy in this segment is to inject tickets ranging from 200,000 euros to 2 million euros in very young shoots, by leading the investment in France or by following a local fund abroad.

A boulevard for start-ups

If he warns that the coronavirus crisis is causing a “Mechanical stop” investments, due to the fact that investors do not wish to complete an operation without meeting the entrepreneurs, Romain Lavault, Managing Director of Partech, believes that it presents opportunities.

« The start-ups that are starting up now have a boulevard in front of them, because the needs for digitization have accelerated, and no one is covering them ”, he assures.

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The investment thesis of the new seed fund is centered around the new uses of Generation Z (born from 1997) in several sectors, such as health, the future of work or commerce. An example: the start-up Igloo, which uses data analysis to offer personalized insurance products.

“On the finance side, we have seen a first wave of start-ups build financial platforms outside banks, now it is a question of transforming them into market places by aggregating services such as insurance and applications. loyalty or credit ‘, illustrates the investor.

Digitized health

Digital health, accelerated by the coronavirus, will also be a target of this new fund. “We believe in artificial intelligence alongside the doctor, as a diagnostic aid, as well as in work on health data, of which the mobile phone becomes a measuring instrument”, summarizes Romain Lavault. Already active for a few months, Partech’s third seed fund has entered the capital of 35 start-ups, including 5 in collaboration with the American venture capital giant Sequoia Capital (Facebook, Apple, Google, Airbnb, etc.).

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