The second confinement once again explodes the collection of the Livret A

Livret A and LDDS outstandings rose 3.1 billion euros in November. Since the beginning of the year, it is a total of nearly 85 billion euros of additional savings that the French have accumulated on their tax-free savings accounts and on their current account. An exceptional year.

Including sight deposits (50 billion), additional savings made by households could reach 100 billion euros at the end of the year, almost as much as the government's stimulus plan.

“Sky is the limit”, say the English. But the French holding a Livret A could say the same. According to the monthly figures of the Caisse des Dépôts, published on Tuesday, the collection of the Livret A and the livret de développement durable et solidaire (LDDS) once again rose sharply in November, recording a respective increase of 2 , 4 billion and 900 million euros. Record figures for a month of November.

“Usually, this month is not very good for the Livret A, the collection is often close to zero, comments Philippe Crevel, president of the Cercle de l’Epargne. The proximity of Christmas and local taxes weigh on the household wallet while there is no premium. “ A sign of the exceptional nature of this monthly collection, the increase in the Livret A outstanding amount is equivalent to that recorded in November 2012, a year which corresponds to the raising of the ceiling from 12,000 euros to nearly 20,000 euros.

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