Weakened, Hillary Clinton tries to revive her campaign

After several days of rest, Hillary Clinton held her first meeting since her pneumonia, Thursday, September 15. She has multiplied the attacks against Donald Trump who has come very close to her in the polls.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton tried Thursday, September 15 during her first meeting since her pneumonia to get off on the right foot, while exhausting her opponent Donald Trump, who has come dangerously close to her in the polls.

Ovationed by 1,500 supporters in Greensboro, North Carolina, the Democratic candidate for the White House quipped about her forced four-day rest. “Two months before the election, staying at home was the last thing I wanted to do,” she said with a smile.

But she exploited this time of reflection at home to take the measure of the stakes of the campaign, she assured, and of the danger posed according to her by the Republican billionaire. “I’m not a showman, unlike my opponent, and it suits me very well like that”, she said.

In a calm and firm voice, raised at times with the edge of indignation she likes to denounce certain Republican remarks, Hillary Clinton delivered a relatively short speech, 23 minutes, spending only five minutes shaking hands with her supporters at the end, when she has been able to devote more than 20 minutes to this grueling exercise in the past.

She also announced new meetings next week. “I have been in politics for years. It is not an easy job. It gets hot sometimes and I’ve built my own defenses. In terms of public service, I have always been better for the service part than for the public part ”, she also said, alluding to the criticisms made about the protection of her privacy.

The candidate then gave a short press conference of barely ten minutes in which she defended her decision not to immediately inform her running mate, Tim Kaine, last Friday that she had pneumonia.

“A lot of people continue to work while being sick, that’s what I thought I was doing, I didn’t want to stop,” she hammered. The cough that followed her disappeared, but her throat was hoarse for brief moments.

First public appearance

It was the 68-year-old candidate’s first public appearance since her Sunday discomfort in New York, an incident that caused her to miss several days of campaigning at a time of accelerating pace.

The stake is to mobilize again the electorate of the left and to regain at least part of the advance acquired after the conventions of investiture of July. The erosion is clear in several polls: from six points ahead in mid-August in a duel, on average, it has fallen to less than two today.

In some strategic states, Ohio and Florida, Donald Trump exceeds it in polls.

Does she come out weakened from these few days of absence? “In presidential campaigns, sometimes unforeseeable things happen”, philosophized a spokesperson on the candidate’s plane.

Sunday’s medical incident forced her to cancel a tour of the west of the country and publish a new health bulletin on Wednesday. According to his doctor, the former Secretary of State of almost 69 years is able to assume the presidential function, in excellent general health.

Trump in “excellent health”

Thursday, it was Donald Trump’s turn to publish the results of his medical examination. Conclusion: the 70-year-old billionaire is also in “excellent health”, according to his doctor. His cholesterol is under control but he is overweight, weighing 107 kilos for 1.90 m.

Donald Trump abandoned his gentlemanly airs and openly questioned the energy level of his rival, during a meeting Wednesday evening in Canton, Ohio.

Politically, Hillary Clinton must above all erase her blunder on Donald Trump’s “pitiful” voters. That’s how she called half of her opponent’s supporters on Friday at a fundraising reception in New York City, sparking an uproar on the right.

Republicans have long denounced the conflicts of interest of the Clinton Charitable Foundation. Today, it is the Democrats who criticize the opacity of the accounting of the Trump foundation, accused of being a tool of political influence in the service of the businessman. New York justice is interested in questionable transactions.

“I will sever all my ties and it will be my children and my directors who will manage the company,” Donald Trump again pledged on Thursday.

Finally, there is Donald Trump’s refusal to publish his tax return, a tradition but not a legal obligation. Hillary Clinton repeats that she is the most transparent candidate in recent history.

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