When investment funds come to hunt on football fields

With the Mediapro debacle, incoming calls from investors to French clubs, weakened and less expensive than elsewhere, are more numerous. No less than 1.5 billion euros in operating losses are still anticipated in French football for the 2020/2021 season.

The CVC and Advent funds want to invest 1.6 billion euros for 10% of the TV rights of the Italian Serie A.

Debacle of Mediapro, anger of the supporters of FC Nantes against the millionaire Waldemar Kita, setbacks among the Girondins de Bordeaux detained by Kings Street, in conflict with the American GAPC … the disappointments of French football, in the midst of a liquidity crisis, have not enough to attract investment funds.

Post Covid, the figures of the round ball are dizzying. According to current projections, losses could reach one billion in 2019-2020 and 1.5 billion for 2020-2021, mainly hollowed out by the big clubs, Paris, Lyon, Monaco and Marseille, which could each lose from one hundred to several. hundreds of millions.

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