Who is Melania Trump, the new First Lady of the United States?

Donald Trump’s wife, 24 years his senior, wants to be an advocate of “American values” and has said that she will be “an advocate for women and children”.

Melania Trump, épouse de Donald Trump

Melania Trump, discreet wife of the bubbling Donald Trump who has accused immigrants of all evils, will become the first wife of foreign origin of an American president in nearly two centuries. Elegant, smiling, the 46-year-old former model of Slovenian origin was at her husband’s side when he announced his victory in New York. A discreet presence that she maintained throughout the campaign, where she sought to humanize her impulsive husband, 24 years her senior. “He will make a fantastic president,” she said in early November in Berwyn, near Philadelphia.

Visibly intimidated, it was the first time she had intervened without Donald Trump, of whom she is the third wife and the mother of her youngest son, Barron, 10 years old. “Every time my husband hears that a factory has closed in Ohio or North Carolina or here in Pennsylvania, I see that he is very angry,” she said. “He knows how to shake things up, doesn’t he?” She added, in an allusion to the fiery speeches of the Republican candidate who insulted women, Mexicans, Muslims and the disabled, among others.

Visibly seeking to soften the image of her husband, she advocated “American values, kindness, honesty, respect, compassion, generosity”. “We have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree, to respect each other,” insisted Melania Trump, in stark contrast to the often insulting rants of the Republican candidate. In a simple and direct speech, she presented herself as an “independent” woman, assuring that her husband “(respected) women and (offered) them the same opportunities” as men, when her husband was accused of acts constituting sexual assault by more than ten women. Facts that the candidate has continuously denied.

Michelle Obama plagiarism

Referring to her ambitions as First Lady, Melania Trump said she would be “an advocate for women and children”. Already in 1999, she told the New York Times that she would make a “very traditional First Lady – like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy. I will support him ”. Her first major speech at the Republican Party convention in mid-July was a fiasco: she was criticized at the time for plagiarizing entire passages of a speech by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, dating from 2008.

The “pen” of his speech had pleaded guilty, and Melania Trump then evaporated from the political scene, where she was already little present, to the point of blooming on Twitter the hashtag #WhereisMelania (“where is Melania”). She replied on the social network: “I enjoy life and my family and I love our country”.

Before the Republican convention, she had given several interviews, defending her husband “100%” on all subjects, with his strong Slovenian accent. At the time, she already said she preferred to devote herself to the education of their son Barron, in the golds of their triplex that looks like mini-Versailles, at the top of the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York.

American citizen since 2006

In early August, nude photos of her, published by the New York Post and apparently taken in the United States in 1995, despite always claiming to have arrived there in 1996, prompted questions about her legal status in the United States. time.

“I have always been in order with the laws of this country on immigration”, simply assured on Twitter Melania Trump, who became an American citizen in 2006, and who considers the fact of having become American as a “privilege”.

The previous First Lady of foreign origin is Louisa Adams, wife of President John Quincy Adams (1825-1829), born in England.

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